My journey so far

Throughout my life journey so far, the impact of communication has always fascinated me.

In many cases I could sense it in myself that the key factor that distinguished my failures from my successes was my communication approach. I could sense the same thing in other people around me.

That’s how I realized that one of the smartest investments in my life would be to develop my communication skills.

The people that we interact with are unique. Each one has a unique personality, background, education and attitudes. One thing is common though: the need to connect. Unfortunately, the language that gives us this gift, Communication, has not been taught to many of us.

We blissfully think we know, when in reality we don’t. We have developed our own rules on the language of communication, yet in many cases they don’t work. Our communication efforts fall short. They will continue so, until we decide to learn and use the right set of rules. Until we decide to re-learn the language of communication.

A great thing about communication is that its principles are common for all environments. Once you get to understand them, you will benefit in all your type of interactions. It’s what will make you a true leader and influencer at work, a great salesperson, but at the same time will boost your social life and help you connect with the people you love most.

Throughout my professional experience in banking, I have met and worked with very diverse teams of people. Different backgrounds, different cultures, different languages. This has been a tremendous opportunity to really understand and use communication to make my life, and the life of the people around me better.  

Communication has been my passion. I believe that I can help other people see the positive change it can bring in their professional and personal lives.