It’s about time you learned a new language.

A language you use every day.


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Discover the simple Formula proven to Change your Life - starting from today !

Communication as a Foreign Language - Book Cover

It’s time to take your communication to the next level…

Ever wonder how some people can just charm their way through life? How, just by saying a few words, they can make people open up, winning them over completely? With this power, they can see others’ true intentions, tell how they really feel, and even change their mind.

Does that sound like you? 

Probably not, because truthfully, most of us have a hard time interacting effectively. But like anything else, this skill can be learned and perfected.

The key is speaking the correct language. Not English, but communication

Communication as a Foreign Language is an easy-to-read, concise guide to taking your human connection to the next level. Influence and inspire everywhere you go, earn your friends, family, and colleagues’ complete trust, and connect deeply with everyone.

Each chapter presents a proven building block necessary to enhance your skills in every type of human interaction, whether it’s an email, blog or social media post, phone or video call, or in-person meeting.

What people are saying

Part I. The Communication Bubbles.

When we communicate, we send messages through two distinct bubbles, just like in comics.

The first one captures the words we use.

The other captures everything else we say non-verbally. Conscious and unconscious thoughts we are having, the way we feel, and the way we react to the messages we receive. The second bubble is indeed sending messages, but because they are not verbalized, it is not as easy for someone to read.

The first part of the book presents the two types of communication bubbles. It refers to the main channels we use to convey messages, namely our Words (visible bubble), our Voice and our Body (invisible bubble).

It familiarizes the reader with the way these channels work, and explains how we can see and read the invisible bubble in others. It also provides ideas on how we can shape our invisible bubble so others can read it.

Part II. The Grammar & Syntax of the language (Core Principles)

What constitutes the backbone of effective communication?

This part presents the fundamental principles that should underlie all our communication. Being in sync, treating the ego, identifying our intended result and focusing our attention to whom it matters most allow us to set any interaction on the right foot and keep it on the right track.

These are the prerequisites that enable us to be speak and understand the language.

III. Vocabulary – Push the Right Buttons

We can’t speak a language unless we know vocabulary. 

This part refers to several additional principles, that, combined with the grammar and syntax presented earlier, will get the reader to “conversational competence” in the language of communication. 

I strongly recommend that you use some of these words in all your interactions. Some others, depending on the circumstances. 

For those of you who are in sales by profession, I bet that you will recognize most of these words.

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Book 3d cover
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I have been working in banking for almost 25 years, within a diverse environment that has given me the opportunity to develop a number of professional competences.

Above all, I had the chance to  realize the immense change and influence that communication, practiced the right way, brings to all aspects of life.

Considering myself an ever-lasting student, I wish to help others develop their communication skills, so that they can experience the positive change that communication has brought in my life.

Konstantinos Kormentzas


Discover the simple Formula proven to Change your Life - starting from today !